Used Auto Loan

Used Auto Loans the right way

Realistically, we'd all buy new cars if we could afford the model we're most interested in. But used cars offer advantages too. Not the least of which is purchase price.

The cost of a used vehicle is always less than a comparable new one. This gives you a wider choice of makes, models and features within your price range. And if you're financing a vehicle, you'll save money on the total cost of your loan.

Deprecation and the cost of insurance are also factors. Used cars are generally less expensive to insure because their value isn't as high, and cars typically depreciate the most during their first three years.

With our dealer relationships, we'll help you arrive at the best combination of vehicle price and financing costs. And of course, the right car!

To some, make and model are more important than whether or not the car is new. The most desirable car might be well outside your price range if it's new, but it could be something you can afford if it's a couple years old.

Whether you are a first-time buyer who needs a car or you already own one and would like to get into a nicer, newer vehicle, LoanMerica can help. If you own a car and are making payments, we can get you into a vehicle upgrade at a surprisingly low cost. If you qualify, one of our partner dealers will pay off your existing loan and put you in a nicer car with a more favorable interest rate and lower payments. Our dealer partners are committed to providing reasonable rates for all LoanMerica customers.