LoanMerica is a financial website that offers consumers an opportunity to refinance their current vehicle or buy a new one from a LoanMerica partner car dealership.


Any time your credit is on the upswing, you can improve upon your loan. Doesn't a lower interest rate, with lower payments sound good? Don't waste any more money!



Want to trade your old car in for a new one, and get fair value on your trade-in? Look to LoanMerica to help you use your current vehicle toward the purchase of a new one.


Sell Us Your Car

Do you need money a lot more than your car? LoanMerica will take it off your hands. We'll make you an offer that's competitive with anyone's, and provide a hassle-free transaction.



Want to buy a new or used car? LoanMerica will help you get the best auto loan with the most favorable payment terms. We'll even help you find the make and model you're looking for!


What We Offer

The list of loans we offer is growing, so if you don't see the type of loan you're looking for, just call LoanMerica at (888) 309-0137 and discuss your needs with one of our friendly representatives.

Chances are we can secure the loan for you at the same equitable rates we are able to obtain for all of our loan categories. Please check back with us often as we continue to add helpful information to our website.


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We have an awesome dealership pretty close to you. In fact the dealership is so awesome that by scheduling an appointment now, you get to bypass the sales people. Use the form below to tell us when you want to go in. If you don't want to schedule an appointment now that’s okay too. But it would be great if you could let us know when a good time would be for us to reach out to you to confirm the information you submitted. Click here to tell us when you would like to be contacted.

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Preferred Contact

In order find out what your exact needs are, we need a little more information. Please let us know the best time to call you so we can go over next steps.

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