Trade In Your Car

Trade In Your Car the right way

Are you ready to trade in your old car for a nicer ride? Whether you own the car outright or you're still making payments, LoanMerica can help you get a vehicle upgrade at a cost you can afford.

Before you do anything else, find out approximately how much your car is worth. There are many online appraisal tools you can use to get a ballpark price, like Kelley Blue Book®. Once you have an idea of how much your car is worth, what make and model vehicle you're looking for, and how much you think you can afford, call LoanMerica!

Just give us a few details on your car and we'll get you a fair offer from a LoanMerica partner dealer within an easy drive of your residence. The dealer will want to perform their own appraisal to verify the car's features and condition, but at least you'll have an idea going in of how much you should be getting for your vehicle.

If you are still making payments on your current vehicle, as long as you qualify, the LoanMerica partner dealer will pay off your existing loan and put you in a nicer car with a more favorable interest rate and lower payments. As long as you don't owe more on the car than it's worth, there shouldn't be a problem. (If that's the case you have other issues, and LoanMerica may be able to help you with funding for that too!)

Your credit score will play a role in the new loan you get for your car, but you can always count on LoanMerica to help come up with a payment plan that won't break your budget. We choose our partner dealers because they offer the best rates and customer service in your area, and they're committed to providing a great selection of vehicles and favorable rates for all LoanMerica customers.

Just give LoanMerica a call at (888) 309-0137 We'll do everything we can to help you achieve an optimal balance between trade-in value and the purchase price of your new or pre-owned vehicle.