Sell Us Your Car

Sell Us Your Car the right way

Maybe you're not interested in trading in your current vehicle for a newer or better one ‒ you just want to sell it. You may have an extra car you don't need, or you really need the money. In any case, LoanMerica will make you an offer that's competitive with anyone's, and provide a hassle-free transaction.

When it comes to the question of selling your car to a dealership or a private party, the answer is not that complicated. It's quite possible you will get more money if you sell it directly to a private party yourself. But be forewarned: unless you already have a buyer you can trust and it's a done deal, you're going to have to work at it! So where is the break-even point?

Before you sell your car, it's always a good idea to understand the market value of your car before you start the process with a dealer. So do a little online research, and then verify your findings with a FREE appraisal from a participating LoanMerica dealer. The dealer might make you an offer you can't refuse, right on the spot!

Many people would rather let a LoanMerica partner dealer do all the work, assume all the responsibility and be done with it, as long as they get a reasonable price for their car. If you try to sell the car yourself ‒ just for starters ‒ you need to fix everything that doesn't work, clean it up, list the car for sale, schedule meetings and test drives with buyers, negotiate price, verify payment, possibly work with a buyer who's trying to get financing. . . even after all that work, it could still take awhile longer before you are actually able to close the deal and you get your money. If you factor your time in, you might actually lose money.

If you're dreading the trouble and inconvenience associated with selling your own vehicle, why not give LoanMerica a call at (888) 309-0137