New Auto Loan

New Auto Loans the right way

If it's within your budget, there are obvious advantages of purchasing a new car rather than a used one. A new car will most likely have full warranty coverage, you'll get all the latest bells and whistles, and obviously, it's brand new.

As soon as you've completed your research and confirmed your choice, it's a good idea to call LoanMerica at (888) 309-0137. We can help you arrive at the best payment terms and refer you to a LoanMerica-affiliated dealer near you who carries the best selection of the make and model you're looking for. If applicable, we can also help you factor in trade-in value of your current vehicle toward the purchase of your new car.

Our priority is to provide a quality experience for our customers when they purchase an automobile and work with a reputable dealership to secure financing and the car of your dreams. We work directly with an extensive network of leading car dealers nationwide to provide favorable interest rates and monthly payments for each customer. Our dealerships are chosen because they offer the best rates and the best service in your area.

Once you submit an application on our website, we'll call you to confirm your information and help you establish the right balance between your monthly payment, loan term and interest rate. All that remains is for you to tell us what make, model and year of car you're looking for, and we will communicate on your behalf with the sales manager at the dealership. You'll bypass all interaction with sales people who have no knowledge of your situation, and in many cases we can help you avoid the often-substantial dealer markup.

With our dealer relationships, we'll help you arrive at the best combination of vehicle price and financing costs. And of course, the right car!