Motorcycle Loan

Motorcycle Loans the right way

There are many reasons to ride a motorcycle, ranging from freedom to financial. LoanMerica can help get you on the open road with a loan for either a new or used motorcycle. If you have an existing loan, we can accommodate you with refinancing. We even offer private party loans.

LoanMerica delivers favorable financing on most of the popular motorcycles sold in the last ten years ‒ Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda ‒ pick your brand. Of course, we offer financing on motorcycles ranging from cruisers to mopeds. As with our auto loans, our motorcycle loans are available directly from us or through a participating dealer. You decide which scenario works best for you.

Whether you're buying new or used motorcycle from a dealer or private party, or refinancing an existing loan, we have loan options ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 tailored to meet your vehicle and financial needs. We offer flexible terms and some of the most competitive loans in the motorcycle lending industry, with the bike you crave and your budget both firmly in mind. Our motorcycle loans have no pre-payment fees or application fees attached ‒ you can pay off your loan before the term expires with no penalty.

Our loan process is nearly as fast as your dream ride. Our experienced, caring customer service representatives can walk you through our hassle-free loan process and even get your credit approval on the same day. You're ready to roll!