Auto Loan Refinancing

Auto Loan Refinancing the right way

If you're stuck making high car payments even though your credit score has improved, every day that goes by without calling LoanMerica about refinancing is a day of wasting money needlessly.

Many people in their original auto loans are not aware of how high their interest rate is, or that their monthly payments are a lot more than they need to be paying. If you qualify for a refinance loan from LoanMerica, the amount of money you can save, both monthly and over the long haul, could be a very pleasant surprise.

If, for example, you are paying $450/month on a 2005 vehicle, we think that's out of line. If your loan percentage rate is in the upper teens or 20%. . .why?! At LoanMerica, our job is to reduce the rate for qualified borrowers and get you a loan that's fair. Depending on your credit, there are a couple scenarios that could compel you to refinance your automobile:

You owe more than your car is worth, have a high monthly payment, a high interest rate, and your credit is good or on the upswing. You might be a prime candidate for a refinance loan.

  • You want to keep your car and get a better loan. The car meets refinancing criteria, and so does your credit.
  • Regardless of your plans, if your credit scores are improving, you're entitled to a better loan, and LoanMerica can get you one. Call us at (888) 309-0137 to discuss your options.