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We are LoanMerica, we are a nationwide lender that is partnered with the Credit Bureaus.
Because we are partnered with the credit bureaus, we have been informed of your improving credit score. Your higher credit score will allow you to escape the suffering of your current interest rate and monthly notes. We are here to show you your options.
No. What we see is an estimated score based on what your score was at the time your vehicle was purchased and what it should be now due to your auto loan payments being up-to-date.
The reason we request that you go into this dealership is because we need someone to confirm the vehicle's condition.
The reason this dealership was matched with you is because at this time it offers the best incentives and trade-in offers for your vehicle type.
Yes they should. If they do not, your matched dealership is part of a large dealership group and they should be able to transfer the vehicle over from one of their other branches within a few days.
The most common reason is that you were a co-signer for someone recently or that you have a child with a similiar name.
Only the dealership can give you that information because it is based on the car that you want, payment plan you choose, and your current credit standings.
Unfortunately, that information can not be determined until we know your current standings and loan amount; which are obtained when applying for refi.
You will need your driver's license, proof of income, and the vehicle. If you still have the notice that you received in the mail, bring that as well.
To show your interest, we can set an appointment with the dealership. Then, we will have the dealership reach out and provide you with any answers that you may need.

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