Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loans the right way

If you're facing a money crisis and need cash right away, an unsecured loan from LoanMerica might be just the ticket. There's good news and bad news with unsecured loans. We'll give you the bad news first.

Because you put up nothing in the way of collateral, the lender assumes a greater risk in the event of a default. As a result, LoanMerica will typically charge higher interest rates and require better credit scores for you to qualify than with secured loans. Your income will generally need to be verified to make sure you have the means to pay the loan back.

The good news is, you can borrow money without having to put up anything as collateral. Since the process is very simple, you may get your cash overnight. And our interest rates are fair and competitive.

LoanMerica's unsecured personal loans are preferred by many consumers because we offer longer payback periods. The longer term can help you reduce your interest rate dramatically. And you can always pay back your loan earlier without any pre-payment penalty.

If you are interested in taking out an unsecured loan, be wary of lenders advertising personal loans for bad credit or unsecured loans with no credit check. These lenders are most likely preying upon needy customers who need an instant infusion of cash. You could be looking at a shorter term or a higher interest rate than you could have imagined. Instead, call the trusted loan experts at LoanMerica at (888) 363-4032 to see if you qualify, and find out which of our unsecured loan options is best for you.