Holiday Loan

Holiday Loans the right way

Are you heading into the holiday season low on cash? If you are a generous person who loves to shower your loved ones with nice gifts, especially if you plan to travel to see them, this situation creates a real dilemma. Why not consider solving it with a holiday loan from LoanMerica?

An unsecured personal holiday loan from LoanMerica can make cash available to you at a reasonable interest rate. Since it's unsecured, there's no need put up your car or home as collateral. Best of all, you won't get clobbered by running up your high-interest credit card debt. When compared to credit card interest, an unsecured personal holiday loan can save you a lot of money.

Our personal holiday loans are offered with fixed interest rates with equal payments made over a specified time period. You can also opt for a holiday line of credit, on which you pay interest only on the money you draw out. Either way, LoanMerica's holiday loans are some of the most reasonable you'll see anywhere. Our holiday loans are unsecured personal loans rather than short-term payday loans.

When it comes to securing extra cash for the holidays, many of our customers prefer the credit line approach. This is especially true of people who are diligent about sticking to a budget. A line of credit offers the benefit of allowing you to pay interest only on amounts drawn against your credit line. It gives you a convenient source of funds for your holiday gift giving, but you do need to be careful not to overspend.

If you want to be able to spend some extra money and make the most of your holiday season, give LoanMerica a call today, before the holidays are upon you.