Home Loans

Home Loans the right way


For most of us, buying a home is the most important purchase of our lives. We're talking about a lot of money, and the impact of it cannot be underestimated. Doing it right can mean the difference between financial security and money problems.

LoanMerica understands that the right options can help you be confident with this critical decision. Just as you'll want to choose the right home in the right location, your home loan must include mortgage payments you can afford to make.

In addition to loans for home purchases, LoanMerica offers home refinancing to help you take advantage of lower interest rates and come away with cash you may really need. We also offer home equity loans and lines of credit, FHA and VA loans, even home improvement loans to help you enhance both the comfort and value of your home.

At LoanMerica, we realize that the home loan process is not only of paramount importance, it can also complicated. Our skilled, caring customer service representatives look forward to serving your needs, and keeping the process as simple possible.